I am just a finch:

By a. Finch

I am just a finch
colorful, coy
and oh-so-small
I wither alone
too scared
to talk
to those unkind
I am just a. Finch
yet i still
for my




      life filled too much too fast
         everything within is fucking diseased
  so start over
 lance pus from pulp
what is left
but quintessential me?

of exigence (Time Waits Alone):

The stars are not aligned tonight,
Gracing us with lustre,
Smothering me.

Chronos is longing tonight,
He has been betrayed,
Watching, scorned.

She is happy tonight
So far away
she glows.

i falter tonight
and the stars never shine so bright again

Such is life:

need to save money
for cool shit, but a problem:
there's frog-themed clothing :(